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Educational Program

Purpose: To provide educational opportunities for the hunter and jumper disciplines within the state of Washington, including clinics, horse shows, and other events that promote (i) the skills and knowledge of both riders and trainers and (ii) the welfare of horses.

Qualification: Participation in these educational opportunities is open to the public and may require payment of a participation fee.

Clinics: The Foundation will sponsor continuing education clinics during the year featuring nationally recognized experts, such as hunter and jumper riders, trainers, and judges, Olympic Team members, veterinarians, and others willing to share their expertise with clinic participants.

Horse Shows: The Foundation will sponsor horse shows and other events during the year that will allow participants to demonstrate and test their mastery of the hunter and jumper disciplines in a competitive setting.

Other Events:The Executive Board is also authorized to establish new educational programs and make grants to educational programs sponsored by other organizations that:

a. Are non-discriminatory and serve the public interest,
b. Are proper with respect to the Foundation’s purpose,
c. Are reasonable and conforming to legitimate standards, and
d. Are objectively managed and overseen.

Operation and Management: The Foundation intends to operate and manage the majority of its educational programs using volunteers, employees, and paid consultants to perform required duties. The Executive Board, or a committee established by the Executive Board, shall be responsible for the selection of employees and/or paid consultants and will ensure that any compensation is reasonable and appropriate for the duties being performed. Members of the Executive Board or committee shall recuse themselves from any decisions involving compensation to themselves or where there is a family member or a close personal or professional relationship involved. All compensation decisions will be documented and available for independent review to ensure that improper private benefits are not being given.